A2M Consulting to Sector Associations


- Tax Consulting

- Consulting to Sector Associations

- Strategic Management of Taxes

- Investments and Business

- Electronic Fiscal Analysis

Tax matter saffecting companies in a particular segment tend to be turned into sector issues.

Since such issues are more likely to be settled through the representative bodies of a particular sector than by companies individually, it is of paramount importance to find integrated solutions.

In our areas of expertise the following services are included:

- Tax advice to keep up with ever-changing tax laws;

- Participation in meetings with tax authorities to discuss issues related to the sector;

- Advice on price surveys of goods subject to the tax substitution regime (ICMS), if applicable, in order to define the value-added margin.

- Participation in monthly meetings of the Committee on Taxation of the Association, if any, in order to discuss and address issues related to the sector;

- Assistance in creating and structuring of the Committee on Taxation, if not yet in place;

- Monitoring of all stages of Tax Reform to deal with any aspect that may impact the sector, as well as proposing changes in the text of Amendment to the Constitution, and following up activities at the Brazilian Congress.

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